The Company

Installazione, collaudo e manutenzione di apparecchiature per analisi di laboratorio

European Technology Srl was founded in 1986 as a company providing services and active consultancy in the oil and petrochemical field: its activity consisted in installing, testing and maintenance of laboratory analysis instruments.

During years the company has grown, not only by strengthening and widening its original activity with the calibration service, but also expanding so much to encompass new activities, such as the commercial field. From a simple agent as it was at the beginning, during time European Technology Srl obtained the title of exclusive representative for Italy from its manufacturers, as a demonstration of their confidence in the company.

Moreover, sales of instruments in the Central and Southern Italy are grown so much that European Technology Srl opened a second affiliate in 1991 in Augusta, Sicily. The two affiliates allow for a greater capillarity on the territory and work for a continuous improvement of the service. Anyway, for European Technology Srl growth does not only mean an improvement in figures (employees, customers and sales), but also improvement in quality.

For this reason, in 1996, again as an answer to the market needs and for a continuous improvement, European Technology Srl was one of the first companies to obtain the quality certification according to ISO 9001 for its headquarters and then for the Augusta affiliate. This important certification not only allows the company to take part in tenders from public institutions and to be in the suppliers' list of leading customers in Italy, but it is a push to follow severe internal procedures, which are a guarantee and a synonym of a quality service for its customers.

Worldwide too European Technology Srl is a known name. Thanks to its decennial experience, European Technology Srl is now able to offer to its customers a complete range of products and services for the analysis and the quality control of crude and derived petroleum products, and it is at the top of the Italian market. Anyway, its growth and the strive for improvement go on, so much that it recently developed a new service: the internal translation of standards and manuals for its own customers.

Moreover, the actual challenge of the company is entering in fields different from the oil and petrochemical ones.