Discover the products selected from best manufacturers in the field for the analysis and quality control of crude and derived petroleum products
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Philosophy and Mission

Three main targets resume the corporate culture of European Technology, which are also its key points:

Our services

European Technology Srl offers to its customers high quality services, thanks to our knowledge acquired over years and to precision that always distinguishes us.
Services are divided into two big categories:

  • sale of instruments for laboratory analysis
  • technical assistance on sold instruments

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Our certifications

European Technology Srl has been one of the first companies to achieve the Quality certification according to ISO 9001, as a guarantee of quality and proficiency. The Company is also a member of the American organization ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials International, among main technical contributors of ISO. 

Installing and testing
Installing and testing of instruments with previous check of operating conditions (position, available facilities, etc.) needed for a correct operation... 
Instruments calibration according  European Technology Srl or manufacturers' technical specifications, according to international analytical standards... 
Preventive and corrective maintenance 
Preventive maintenance is regulated by a calendar of interventions defined with the customer, and includes a range of operations, checks and interventions focused on reducing the frequency of the faults...