European Technology Srl sells and offers technical assistance and maintenance on automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems for the analysis and quality control of crude and derived petroleum products such as gasoline and solvents, fats and lubricants, fuels, bitumens, adhesives and resins in conformity with the international methods in the field. Some of these instruments, anyway, can have applications also in other fields than petroleum.

Please find a synthesis of tests that you can perform with instruments offered by European Technology Srl: 

European Technology Srl not only supplies accessories and spare parts for all instruments it sells, but also primary and secondary reference standards for the calibration of the analysis systems.Since the range of reference standards we sell is very wide, we want to give you only a small introduction on the standard types we can offer and we invite you to directly contact us for any questions or to ask for offers:

  • NIST and UKAS certified primary reference standards
  • Secondary reference standards (working standards)
​The key feature for our standards is traceability. These standards are needed to trace the control charts about the instrument operation.