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Micro carbon residues tester MCRT-160

Micro carbon residues tester MCRT-160

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MCRT-160 Carbon micro residues analysis

Alcor's MCRT-160 provides a simple and safe measurement of a petroleum product tendency to thermally degrade and form coke in pyrolizing high temperature conditions. Its powerful digital control on all ASTM D 4530 test steps provides equivalent results to Conradson Carbon (ASTM D 189) with a significantly lower level for issues and confusion. A typical carbon analysis according to D 189 can easily require 90 minutes or more of an expert operator's time. MCRT-160 frees lab expert personnel for more important tasks. Operator has only to weight initial and final sample and start the test. MCRT-160 automatically performs factory-set test program according to ASTM D 4530. Moreover, for more convenience and versatility, it can also be programmed to automatize your specialised time and temperature profiles.


  • Automatizes ASTM D 4530: carbon residues analysis
  • Processes up to 12 samples simultaneously
  • User-programmed oven time-temperature sequences for customised test procedures
  • Constant automatic flow control
  • The sealed furnace and direct drainages provide a clean and smokeless analysis
  • Routine analyses for carbon residues from less than 0.1% to more than 30%


  • Alcor's patented and proven technology as specified in ASTM D 4530
  • Automatically precisely controls each test step - from initial sample heating throughout the final cooling.
  • Test start with just one button
  • Night mode analysis
  • Displays test status on a LED reader for a simple display
  • Continuously monitors nitrogen temperature and pressure, warning the technician when parameters exceed operational limits


  • Processes up to 12 samples simultaneously, enhancing analytical lab productivity.
  • Allows standard samples to be examined with each test, for analysis accuracy verification.
  • Accommodates sample size from 0.1 to 2 grams (based on carbon residue content)
  • Allows for routine analysis for carbon residues from 0.1% to more than 30%


  • The sealed furnace and direct drainages result in a very cleaner analysis than Conradson Carbon
  • Purge gas nitrogen continuously cleans furnace and clears harmful vapours, which are condensed in an external trap or vented to waste



ASTM D 4530, ASTM D 189, IP 398, ISO 10370, ISO 6615, DIN 51551, GB/T 17144, JIS K 2270