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TANNAS CO - Laboratory Instruments for ASTM Lubricant Testing

TANNAS CO - Laboratory Instruments for ASTM Lubricant Testing

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Tannas Co. manufactures precision bench-top instruments for routine and research laboratory testing of engine oils,lubricants and related fluids. 

Tannas Co. is an ISO 9001 Certified company committed to designing, building and servicing the finest instruments available for characterizing and understanding the properties and behavior of today's automotive fluids and lubricants.

​Tannas instruments have been designed to answer particular needs expressed by oil companies, OEMs and additive manufacturers for measuring properties critical to high quality lubricants.  All instruments manufactured by Tannas are laboratory tested and certified prior to delivery to our customers.  On-site installation and customer training is provided with each instrument and is conducted by a Tannas Certified Engineer. Many of our patented bench instruments are required for meeting several international specifications for lubricant testing.​

In our commitment for the always higher customers requirements satisfaction, both for production and assistance, Tannas Co. and the joint partner King Refrigeration, Inc. optimised operations joining the respective operational headquarters. King Refrigeration recently transferred to Tannas headquarters in 4800 James Savage Road in Midland, Michigan.

Now daily operations are assigned to the same network of people, becoming more efficient. The key changes of Tannas and King Refrigeration operating staff translate into an even more commitment to a quality customer service. Finally, "Customer Service" and "Contact Us" pages of both companies websites have been unified in order to guarantee a higher efficiency to our customers.