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Colour Measurement

Colour is an important indicator of product quality and processing performance: it can be used to check on the contamination or the degradation of a product, to inspect materials and to control their refining process and to confirm the compliance with customer’s specifications or predetermined colour tolerances.
The most commonly used instruments for measuring colour are spectrophotometers: their technology consists in measuring reflected or transmitted light at many points on the visual spectrum resulting in a curve. The curve of each colour is unique.

European Technology is the sole Approved Service Centre for Lovibond® apparatus here in Italy. 

ATTENTION! The colour scales used by an instrument to express the results of an analysis are the crucial characteristics to take into account, in order to choose one specific model of spectrophotometer. In fact they define the industrial sector in which a specific model can be used.

European Technology trades the following apparatus for colour measurement:

Applications:Food, petroleum and petrolchemical field, medical and pharmaceutical industry, plastics, textiles et.