Products Fully Automated Digital Density Meter (VIDA)


Completely automatic digital densitometer VIDA™

Completely automatic digital densitometer VIDA™

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Completely automatic and reliable density analysis VIDA™


The VIDA™ densitometer by ISL offers an unpaired reliability in density measurement, thanks to a very simply, completely automatic operation, with just one button. VIDA™ is based on proven method of swinging U tube and integrates innovative features that assure a reliable and accurate analysis of crude and petroleum products - from volatile products to highly viscous ones - in compliance with ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, IP 365 (ISO 12185) and DIN 51757. Its high level of automation - powered by built-in smart software - allows unattended operation during the whole test cycle, so a significant reduction of operators' workload, together with repeatable and consistent measurements you can rely on.


Main Features


Unique advanced features

  • Automatic bubble detection

  • Metallic measurement cell

  • Ultrasound cleaning device

Automatic sample introduction

  • The pushing piston simulates the direct manual injection, with a better repeatability

  • Regulates the injection rate to avoid mistakes due to air bubbles




User-friendly interface with touch screen

  • Real time viewing of test progress

  • Easy test method setup

  • Direct navigation menu


Standalone system

  • No cross-contamination risks

  • Minimum operator's exposure to solvents

  • Optimal control of VOC emissions

​ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, IP365, ISO12185, DIN 51757