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MultiTek® Application analyses, software, accessories

MultiTek® Application analyses, software, accessories

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Application analysis

PAC Antek application laboratory at your service! The laboratory is equipped with a wide variety of instrumental configurations, ready to assist Antek users in methods development. We put our years' experience at work for you.

A standard application is provided for free with purchase of any MultiTek instrument. Some users' laboratories, however, apply multiple analysis methods and sampling configurations. Our expert chemicals can characterise your samples and develop analytical settings and operating procedures which optimise performance of your Antek/PAC MultiTek elemental analyzer.

MultiTek Application Analyses Program is an additional application analysis factory-performed on the instrument to be delivered. MultiTek's standard and advanced application analyses are performed with a PAC-chosen sample with known (reference) or accepted (PTP ASTM program sample) reference value using only a calibration range and a single sample. A QC sample will be provided (~5 ml or ~5 g). MultiTek's customised application analyses are performed according to customer's requirements. For all, a report will be prepared indicating method parameters, sample value and analysis results. Moreover, application will be validated in situ.

MultiTek® Software

It saves time and simplifies analysis, since the calibration curve is applicable to a wide range of samples in a single run. Stop to trial-and-error, i.e. try to obtain the correct calibration range for a specific sample or try different calibration curves for different ranges. MultiTek® speeds and simplifies the whole process.

MultiTek's 21 CFE part 11 PC package includes MultiTek's Software 21 CFR part 11 edition. This is for laboratories which have to maintain conformity to 21 CFR part 1.1.

Features that help to support compliance include:

  • SQL Server protection with password
  • IT User-Administrator has to change the password after the first login
  • Criteria for a robust password: => 7 characters, 1 capital letter, numeric and 1 special character required
  • Enhanced user management including required electronic signatures and users assigned to specific instruments
  • Account block after 3 successive failed login attempts
  • Password modification range set by IT/Administrator, reset password only by IT/Administrator
  • Import/export actions recorded in performed operations log
  • Method's recalculation, results reprocessing, submitting results and results review/approval actions recorded in performed operations log.
  • Modified to and read-only marked results after approval.
  • Read-only marked results after all last calibration results are approved
  • Software's automatic block time set only by IT/Administrator
  • Results printed with electronic signature in safe pdf file

MultiTek® Accessories

Model 735: Sample engine at controlled rate
Provides a controlled and reproducible sample introduction rate in analyzers through syringe or boat.

Model 734: Gas/liquefied gas samples input system
Assures reproducible injection of gas and liquefied petroleum gas (GPL).

Model 737-M: Inlet furnace with programmable temperature
With turbo gas control for large solid samples and viscous liquids analysis, it enables sample combustion optimisation and gas storage.

Model 740: Multi-Matrix Sampler
Boat input system which enables solids and liquids introduction; the thermoelectrically cooled chamber reduces times between sample runs

Model 758: Robotic liquid
A cost-saving solution for your sample automatic injections requirements. Autosampler is a vertical injection sampler by a syringe, robotically actuated for use with MultiTek or Multi-Matrix or boat input; manages 100 samples.

Model 748: Robotic liquid
A high performance solution for your sample automatic injections requirements. Autosampler is a vertical injection sampler by a syringe, robotically actuated for use with MultiTek or Multi-Matrix or boat input; manages 216 samples.