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MultiTek® - Fast & Accurate Detection of Sulphur, Nitrogen and Halides

MultiTek® - Fast & Accurate Detection of Sulphur, Nitrogen and Halides

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Fast & Accurate Detection of Sulphur, Nitrogen and Halides

Antek’s MultiTek® is the only instrument on the market that combines testing of Sulphur, Nitrogen and Halides all in one. Compact, powerful, automatic and multi-configuration, it represents the perfect solution for the today's global growing demand for a fast and accurate detection of undesired chemicals, pollutants, contaminants and corrosive elements. As it provides precise results with a high sensitivity and unpaired versatility, MultiTek® is a valid instrument for process optimization which will provide a rapid ROI and a better baseline.

MultiTek® detects these substances through an extraordinarily efficient process, which includes combustion Ionic Chromatography (IC), UV fluorescence (UVF) and chemiluminescence technologies. MultiTek® is better than wet chemistry and XRF, it works with solids, liquids, gases and GPL samples, providing lower detection levels than competitors' systems. MultiTek® is the new technology enabling for continuous product and process improvement and ‘green’ manufacturing goals.

Superior analyses with Antek's MultiTek®

  • Stable and coherent measurements
  • Sample and analysis higher throughput thanks to longer intervals between calibrations
  • Halides measurement
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Easy to use, user-friendly graphic interface (GUI) for a faster training; powerful software instrument
  • Bench configuration with a small printer to optimize benchtop space
  • Computer package available according to 21 CFR part 1.1 edition, i.e. electronic recordings with complete recording of performed operations, electronic signatures, user levels for multiple accesses, etc.
  • Remote operation allows users to set methods and work from external places

Reduces costs

  • Remote access possibility - MultiTek® allows a trained user to access from a remote location, thus clearing the need of a highly trained user in each laboratory site. On the contrary, an on site lab technician is all that you need.
  • Prevents product waste - Low detection limits (LOD) for sulphur and nitrogen and high repeatability result in a better gasoline mixing and optimized profits, since mixers only use the needed product amount.
  • Prevents costly issues - The early warning for corrosive and potentially poisonous for catalysts halides, nitrogen and sulphur allows enables premature and preventative actions to protect product and facilities.

Enhances productivity

MultiTek's wide dynamic range and automatised combustion IC features mean that user spends less time for calibration and has more time to process samples.

Protects structures

  • Corrosion protection - It protects electrical components, refinery products and others from halides (chloride, fluoride and bromide) corrosive effects and protects catalyst from sulphur - halides, sulphur and nitrogen can act as poisons for catalysts in the refinery industry.
  • Environmental protection - It protects people, animals, plants and water life from harmful effects of environmental halides, sulphur and nitrogen
  • Workers' protection - Thanks to a reduced halide samples handling MultiTek's combustion feature for IC automatizes sample preparation, reducing the potential exposure to harmful chemicals.

Assures conformity

  • Essential product conformity - MultiTek's LDL, sensitivity and repeatability helps users to reach product conformity such as in very low sulphur content diesel, aromatics, water, biofuels, electronic components, lubricants, additives and food.
  • Assures product quality - MultiTek® can be used to monitor processes and detect product contaminations in food, plastics, special chemicals, feed and fertilizers.



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