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Noack NCK2 5G Automatic Apparatus

Noack NCK2 5G Automatic Apparatus

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Test Methods:

  • CEC L-40-93;

  • ASTM D 5800;

  • IP 421;

  • NF T60-61.


Main features:  

  • Dialogue with unit takes place through LCD display and alpha-numeric keypad:


- the display continuously shows temperature, vacuum and analysis time;

- the keypad allows to modify analytical parameters so as to customise the instrument;

- changeable parameters are: test temperature, depression, analysis time and alarms, calibration data.


  • The apparatus can store the following data:


- 30 full analyses with temperature curves at vacuum;

- 40 product profiles;

- 10 standard or customised methods;

- 10 operators' names;

- 10 crucibles' lids IDs.


  • The apparatus has an advanced quality control system in strict conformity with ISO 9000 standard;

  • Calibration data are automatically stored;

  • The heating assembly is dry; temperature sensor directly measures sample's temperature, for results control and precision never reached before;

  • Equipped with a precise differential pressure meter and with control unit;

  • IIn case of glassware misplacement, before performing the test an alarm activates which alerts the operator that placement mistakes are present;

  • An adjustable over-temperature thermostat is installed; heating is disabled if the heating block temperature exceeds by 10 °C the manufacturer set temperature.


Operation requirements:

  • Electrical: 100-115V or 230-240V; 50-60Hz; 800 W;

  • Environmental temperature between 15 and 35 °C; max 85% relative humidity.