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Flash Point

The semi-automatic or manual Pensky-Martens, Tag, Abel and Cleveland (COC) apparatus traded by European Technology Srl can measure the flash point of petroleum products in accordance with the standard test methods ASTM, EN, ISO, and IP.
In this category, you can find products that respects the following directives (test methods): ASTM D 56; ASTM D 92; ASTM D93 A, ASTM D93 B, ASTM D93 C; ISO 2592; DIN EN ISO 2719 A, B, C; ISO 2592; ISO 13736; EN 22719 A, B, C; DIN 51758; DIN EN 1523; DIN EN 22592; NF EN 22592; IP 34 A, B, C; IP 36; IP 170; JIS K 2265.

Applications:hydrocarbons, crude oils, lubricants, biodiesel, paints, any other materials to be burnt in ovens