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FLASH POINT OptiFlash™ Pensky-Martens

FLASH POINT OptiFlash™ Pensky-Martens

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Easy, safe and precise Flash Point detection

Test Methods:

  • ASTM D93 A, B, C
  • ISO 2719 A, B, C
  • EN ISO 2719 A, B, C
  • IP 34 A, B, C
  • JIS K 2265
  • GB/T261

Main features:

  • Standard with ultra-fast fire detection both vertically and horizontally and high safety extinguishing system;
  • Manufactured with a barometric pressure sensor for the barometric pressure automatic correction of flash point, pressure range 66 kPa – 110 kPa, pressure units mbar, hPa, kPa, mmHg or Torr.;
  • Unique flash point thermal detection: system that can detect the flash point for all sample kinds, also silicone oils;
  • Data export possibility on a USB Memory stick; data import via Excel;
  • Automatic control chart with certified samples and graphic control chart on screen;
  • Fire suppression by 2 sensors for fire or flash detection out of the cup or over the lid; automatic system for flame extinction with inert gas (inert gas cylinder and tubing installation for connection with inert gas NOT included with the apparatus). Remote alarm relay;
  • Safety pre-ignition with which unit can detect high volatile liquids contamination in normally high flash point samples and avoid fire risk;
  • Alarm features: Automatic detection of safety systems or method infringement. 

Operation requirements:

  • 10% with automatic switching; 50-60Hz; 1100 W±10% o 230 VAC ±Electrical: 115VAC