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DFA-70Xi Diesel Cloud Point, Pour Point, Viscosity & Density

DFA-70Xi Diesel Cloud Point, Pour Point, Viscosity & Density

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Test Methods:
  • Cloud Point: ASTM D5773 (IP 446), ASTM D2500 (IP 219 / ISO 3015) equivalent;
  • Pour Point: ASTM D5949, ASTM D97 (IP 15 / ISO 3016) equivalent;
  • Kinematic Viscosity: ASTM D7945 @ 40 ºC, ASTM D445 (IP 71/ISO 3104) equivalent;
  • Density: ASTM D4052 (IP 365/ISO 12185) @ 15 ºC.

Main features:​
  • DFA-70Xi analyzer is the world’s first and only instrument that performs four important diesel fuel tests in one single unit: cloud point, pour point, viscosity and density, in less than 25 minutes;
  • No pipette required. New vial injection system loads sample automatically;
  • Self cleaning: no solvent required;
  • No breakable glassware: Internal capillary system eliminates need for fragile glass viscosity tubes
  • Superior precision – Best measured repeatability and reproducibility of any automatic or manual method.