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Automatic vacuum distillation analyzer HDV 632

HDV 632 is a fully automatic vacuum distillation analyzer offering the highest versatility for the user. It can measure samples up to 650 °C AET Choose ASTM D1160 or set up and save your customised programs. Of course, you can add, delete and review your customised tests when your products and analyses have to evolve. HDV 632 controls temperature, distillation rate and pressure with microprocessor precision. Volume measurements are performed with digital accuracy and the analytical program selection is a simple operation with mouse. Choose from an extended built-in programs library or your preset tests.
HDV 632 houses all that is necessary for a completely automatic distillation analysis, but uses only 0.33 square meters (3.25 sq. ft.) of your workbench space. In fact it also has built-in cooling systems - one for the cold trap plus an external heater/cooler for the condenser bath - so it\'s not necessary to run pipes to an external water source or an external cooling system.

HDV 632: highly precise and reliable analysis


  • Start your test with only some clicks and shortcuts
  • Digital volume measurement system with automatic calibration
  • The detection system with double transducer provides accurate and precise pressure measurements, on a wide range of distillation pressures, including atmospheric pressures. The digital proportional pressure control removes the transducer calibration and provides a precise pressure regulation
  • The easily removable receiver removes the need for any liquid connection
  • The automatic cleaning sequence is sufficiently long-time active to clean the column and the cooling system for next distillation


  • The customised distillation curves record results to additional volume and temperature points or stop the analysis to a specific volume/temperature point
  • It allows for positioning the pressure transducer on top of the condenser column or on top of the vapour column
  • It allows for the temperature control of the receiving compartment at setpoint from +10 °C to +80 °C
  • The automatic sensor avoids sample's foaming in the column during the pressure reduction sequence
  • It automatically calculates the sample required weight based on sample's density and adjusts the distillation results for weighing errors.
  • It provides results in table, graphic or customized format.
  • Internally stores the data or export them to LIMS
Regulations: ASTM D116