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Automatic Viscometer Houillon Method

Automatic Viscometer Houillon Method

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Houillon Method for viscosity

Using a "Houillon" capillary tube, Series VH by ISL viscometers automatically determine cinematic viscosity of lubricants, exhaust oils, fuels, polymers and similar materials, on a wide viscosity range. Initially developed for lubricants mixing facilities, research laboratories and exhaust oil monitoring, where small samples and fast results were needed, VH viscometer by ISL offers exceptional performance, providing results in 60 seconds, using less than 1 ml sample.

The VH1 model integrates a single solvent possibility for tube cleaning, while VH2 model accommodates two solvents offering an added flexibility in the solvent choice for efficient tube cleaning and drying. Moreover, VH2 resists to aggressive solvents use.

In both models, ISL customised management software for Windows allows central monitoring of up to 16 capillaries divided into up to 4 baths. Results are displayed, stored in the database and printed or directly sent to a LIMS based on user-defined protocols With programmed bath temperatures at 40°C and 100°C, viscosity index can be performed, calculated and printed in few minutes.


  • High throughput with full results in few minutes; up to 75 analyses per hour
  • Sample size: <1 ml
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Automatic cleaning and drying programs with minimal solvent use
  • Multi-instrument network; PC-based data management


  • Modular design with unique configuration flexibility
    • grows to adapt to higher workloads
    • allows up to 16 simultaneous analysis runs
  • Simple constant calibration with reference fluids
  • Bath temperature stability ±0.01°C
  • Integrated cooling coil for a perfect stability at lower temperatures than room temperature
  • Fast bath temperature regulation and stabilization
  • On screen and printed information reports; unlimited results storage; export to LIMS according to user-defined protocols
  • Easy tube replacement in few minutes; no need to drain bath medium


  • Automatic cleaning process, individually programmable for each tube
  • Minimal solvent consumption per cleaning cycle
  • All solvent is vacuum-, not pressure- removed
  • Enhanced cleaning options with VH2 model:
    • two solvents cleaning option for difficult to clean samples and fast drying
    • resistant to aggressive solvents


  • Standard and/or mediated viscosity measurements
  • Viscosity index calculation in few minutes when bath temperatures are programmed at 40 °C and 100 °C
  • Reports abnormal results according to user preferences
  • Assessment information reports:
    • viscosity for a given temperature
    • mixtures
    • temperature for a given viscosity
    • viscosity index
  • Saves calibration parameters for bath temperature multiple settings, making the bath immediately ready for use upon temperature change (does not require a new calibration)
  • Diagnostics menu for assistance


  • VH1 (single solvent)
  • VH2 (double solvent)



ASTM D 7279, ASTM D 445, ASTM D 2270, ASTM D 341, IP 71, IP 226, EN 3104