European Technology Srl offers to its customers high quality services, thanks to our knowledge acquired over years and to precision that always distinguishes us. Services are divided into two big categories: selling of instruments for laboratory analysis andtechnical service on sold instruments. 


The sales activity of European Technology Srl not only is a simple supplying at our suppliers, but it encompasses several activities focused to the full customer satisfaction. 

First, the customer is followed in the pre-sales step through a highly qualified consultancy, to define the technical profile of the instrument that will meet the needs. 

During the sales step, the "plus" offered by European Technology Srl consists not only in the installation, testing and training of employees who will use the instrument, but also in a set of side services to help understanding how the equipments work, such as delivering technical manuals also in Italian. 

Finally, European Technology Srl follows its customers also in a long post-sales step, for a continuous technical assistance on sold instruments.

This service develops longer than the warranty period and it is mostly regulated by customised agreements, drawn up to better satisfy our customers' needs.

Technical assistance

This service mainly means suitable interventions by European Technology Srl at customers' laboratories. European Technology Srl draws up customized agreements with main customers, and with all customers that ask for it. To understand how complex and global this service is, it is better to divide it into three big areas: 

Installing and testing

of instruments, with previous check of operating conditions (position, available facilities, etc.) needed for a correct operation. The preparation for testing is very accurate and often requires suitable on-the-spot inspections by European Technology Srl technicians, even before the equipment is ready for shipping. That way we can optimize times and we are sure about the result. The installing step for new equipments also includes the training of employees who will use the instrument. During training, we illustrate how the equipment works and how to use it, but we also explain main error messages and their troubleshooting. 

Instruments calibration

according to European Technology Srl or manufacturers' technical specifications, in compliance with international analytical standards. Instruments employed during calibration have metrology references guaranteed by national and international calibration centres. 

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance is regulated by a calendar of interventions defined with the customer, and includes a range of operations, checks and interventions focused on reducing the frequency of the faults and maintaining the equipments within original technical specifications. Corrective maintenance, on its side, allows to restorate the equipment functionality after a fault. The request for an intervention can be held by e-mail or by fax. It is the main target for European Technology Srl to evade this request in the shortest time and to solve the problem in a single intervention. We often communicate by telephone (where possible) the instructions, to guarantee the equipments functionality. 
European Technology Srl offers products for the analysis and the quality control of crude and derived petroleum products, such as the nitrogen analysis.